Lynching, Justice and Kingdom Revival

More than 4,400 African Americans were lynched across 20 states between the end of Reconstruction in 1877 and 1950.

Here’s a map of the counties where lynchings were carried out.

4400 lynchings in 928 U.S. Counties between 1877 and 1950

The Equal Justice Initiative has produced memorial markers, two identical markers for each of the 928 counties where lynchings occurred over roughly 100 years…

One of the two markers for each county hangs in the @eji_org museum in Montgomery, Alabama. The other marker waits for the county itself to claim it, and display it in their county seat.

Many markers remain at the EJI Museum – yet unclaimed by their county.

Get the picture?

Here’s my point…

We’ll know “revival”: the expanding, redeeming Kingdom reign of Jesus has come to a county when that county can joyfully point to bulging converts in their churches, and their marker from EJI in their courthouses.

Such is the security we have in the mercy of our God.


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