Stop the Stop the Steal

Family of God, What Does Stirring Up Conspiracies Have to do with Exalting the King of Kings?

I don’t want to go too deep into this contentious topic. I personally believe this “election fraud” episode is a serious distraction designed by the enemy to take the eyes of the Bride off of her Bridegroom in “the time of trouble” (Psalm 27:5). In fact, pursuant to the dream the Lord gave me in May, I believe chasing after stories about destroying ballots, rigged voting machines, etc. as well as praying (in any one of dozens of evangelical post-election rallies) for “election integrity” is “binding ourselves to the national monument of pride”; an idol the Lord has warned us He is about to “decapitate”. The Lord is jealous to be exalted over us in this hour.

I’m writing this little piece simply to help some in our family gain perspective on the cacophony of allegations, innuendos and malicious stories that are circulating within the body of Christ. (One evangelical magazine has turned itself into Trump’s Royal Guard over the last four weeks, publishing no less than two dozen prophetic words and articles feverishly arguing that the 2020 election was rigged.) I have no will to compete with this reckless spirit. Nor do I want to put my energy into arguing about what follows:

So far, Trump’s lawyers have brought 47 court cases before courtrooms in 7 different battleground states. As of Monday, December 7th, the judges (GOP and Democrat alike) have tossed out all but one of the cases. Nearly all have not even lasted beyond opening arguments.

As of Monday, December 7th, 5 GOP Governors; 4 GOP Secretaries of State and Lt. Governors; More than 60 State and District Court Judges (many GOP and even Trump appointees); More than 100 State Legislators; Trump’s own Senior White House Counselor; his Cybersecurity Chief and Attorney General (all ardent pro-life conservatives) have publicly confirmed that Donald Trump lost the 2020 Presidential election. Most of these officials are privy to much more tangible information about their states’ voting process than any of our “prophets”, and have no less zeal to see abortion outlawed in our land.

On Monday, December 7th (today) Trump attorney Sidney Powell suffered two more losses in 2 separate cases, with judges in both Michigan and Georgia ruling against the Trump team’s lawsuits challenging the election results in those states.

As mentioned above, the Trump legal team has lost all 47 court cases that they’ve engaged, while winning 1/2 a case in Michigan, where judges have permitted 22 selected Dominion voting machines to be tested before rendering their decision.

Here’s why Monday’s two defeats are significant: In the 2 cases Monday the Trump team alleged that widespread voter fraud had occurred in both Minnesota and Georgia on account of fraudulent absentee ballots and irregular vote counting.

In the Michigan case, U.S. District Court Judge Linda Parker ruled because the election had already taken place and results had been certified, it is too late to grant Trump’s legal team an injunction. Parker also stated that Michigan law provides a process for how elections may be challenged, including deadlines.

“Plaintiffs did not avail themselves of the remedies established by the Michigan legislature. The deadline for them to do so has passed,” Parker said. “Any avenue for this Court to provide meaningful relief has been foreclosed.”

Here’s the troubling factor. Judge Parker went on to discuss the case’s timing problem by stating that she was barring the plaintiffs’ claims because they DELAYED UNNECESSARILY in bringing them before the court.

“Plaintiffs could have lodged their constitutional challenges much sooner than they did, and certainly not three weeks after Election Day and one week after certification of almost three million votes,” Parker wrote.

Parker concluded by disclosing that she had read nearly all of the preceding 45 court cases filed in the various states over the last few weeks and in light of the lack of evidence brought to these trials, and the repeated failure of the Trump team to meet the various state deadlines for filing legal complaints, accused the plaintiff’s motives of merely being “an attempt to sow doubt among the public when it comes to democratic institutions”.

“[T]his lawsuit seems to be less about achieving the relief Plaintiffs seek—as much of that relief is beyond the power of this Court— and more about the impact of their allegations on People’s faith in the democratic process and their trust in our government,” Parker said.

The federal judge in the Georgia case Timothy Batten, ruled from the bench, speaking directly to the parties and dismissing the Trump team’s case in Georgia outright, agreeing with the Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger (an ardent pro-life Republican) who earlier in the proceedings declared: “I know there are people that are convinced the election was fraught with problems, but the evidence, the actual evidence, the facts, tell us a different story.”

Like Parker, Judge Batten also pointed out Sydney Powell’s unnecessary delay in bringing her claims, “The law is pretty clear that a party cannot obtain the extraordinary remedy of injunctive relief unless he acts quickly.” And could only surmise that the reason for missing the deadlines was for “creating the public appearance of having bonafide grievances to adjudicate”.

Essentially what these two judges are saying is, Trump’s legal team is going through a charade.

They’re intentionally missing deadlines and failing to bring credible evidence before the courts, while at the same time packing social media with false narratives, memes, holding press conferences and appearing on talk shows for the sole purpose of sowing conspiracy theories and fomenting a spirit of outrage within the hearts and minds of millions of Trump voters.

Why would they do this? One conclusion many conservative jurists and legislators are quickly coming to in the fifth week of this election debacle is this: By believing their President had the election unjustly stolen from him, Trump’s loyalists will conceivably remain angry and mobilized until he runs again in 2024.

Beloved, many of our family have traveled to a far, far country and are putting so much effort into championing these reports in a desperate attempt to reverse this election, an endeavor that simply has no basis in our New Testament mandate. As the people of the eternal God we have no need for such half-baked coverings. He is our Sure Defense; our Tower of Strength. He is the worthy Champion of our righteous causes, Himself!

He longs for us to come home to let Him personally and intimately lead us and shepherd us in His Kingdom; a Kingdom that has no need of being mediated through the corrupt and carnal machinations of any man. And the Kingdom our sin-drenched nation urgently needs.

Come home family! Exult in the King of holiness. Exult in the sufficiency of His grace!
JSB • December, 2020

For a raw digest of prophetic words, evangelical quotes and articles surrounding the post-2020 Presidential Election click here, and use the password “Election2020”.


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