If the Church in America Were One of the 7 Churches in Revelation…

After more than 3000 hours of prayer “between the porch and the altar” the last 16 months, I’m profoundly humbled, but I’m not confused about what the Lord is saying to the Church in the Southwest. I submit that if the Church in America were one of the seven churches in Revelation (Chapters 2 and 3), Jesus’ message to us right now might sound something like this…

“To the Church in America that I love write these words:

I rejoice that you champion life. Receive My Word, and don’t abort it. My Word is life.

You who see the boundless corruption of the unfettered self; you have need of encouragement in your stance against the compounding curse of homosexuality. Take up your cross with Me, and together we will plunder the camp of all engaged in sexual immorality.

Because you stand with Israel, you stand with Me. I will enrich you with the wealth of My blessings.

Celebrate My heart for the beauty of race. I will give you grace for your many sins and the sins of your nation. Have confidence in My grace; not your excellence. The fact is, you have not been excellent in this. Be zealous with My compassion, and repent.

You have played the harlot and turned a blind eye to great evil for political power. If you continue to find refuge in this idolatry, I will decapitate you from the Head.

Yield and champion My constitution. Love meekness. Champion mercy. Hunger and thirst for righteousness. Love all people.

Pray and seek My Face. Without My breath you will be defenseless against what is about to come.

I am returning quickly. All who respond to My judgements I will cherish, protect and lead into My promised Kingdom.”

JSB • March, 2021


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