Auditing the Election • Auditing Our Hearts

After Auditing the Votes in Arizona It’s Time for the Church to Let the Holy Spirit Audit Our Hearts

From the very first paragraph of Cyber Ninja’s (the pro-Trump auditors) own report: “There were no substantial differences between the hand count of ballots and the official election results for Maricopa County (the state’s largest county). There is no evidence the paper ballots were altered to any material degree.”

“The GOP-led audit of the 2020 election in Arizona concluded that Joe Biden received more votes for president here than Donald Trump.” FOX News

“In fact, the pro-Trump group’s extensive analysis discovered ‘Joseph Biden actually exceeded the county’s official tally by 99 votes, while Donald Trump received 261 fewer votes than had previously been counted.’ At a presentation of the final version of the report on Friday, Arizona GOP Senate President Karen Fann confirmed it.’That is a true statement,’ she said.”

“The announcement was a blow to Trump’s supporters — and even the former president himself — who’ve latched on to the so-called Arizona audit as evidence the election was rigged.” KJZZ News Arizona

Friends. Not one claim of election fraud has stood up to scrutiny – through 81 court cases (It’s 81 – 0), 7 recounts, the sworn testimony of Trump’s own election security chief, his attorney general, his vice-president, his own choices for the supreme court, 5 pro-life, conservative governors, 7 pro-life, conservative Lt. governors and AG’s, the U.S. Senate, hundreds of pro-life, conservative state legislators, and now an audit demanded by the most conservative of politicians in our state, and conducted by a pro-Trump cyber agency.

And yet last night, amidst wild applause from the faithful in Georgia, this man still claims the election was stolen from him…

The words “strong delusion” continues to ring in the ears of the circumspect…

I believe a crucified Church could put a stop to this nonsense once and for all – if we would come into the light of the Holy Spirit’s gaze and let Him search out our Kingdom-compromising ways; our self-justification; our hostile, racial defensiveness; and our national idolatry. With a cross on our backs, we’d have no need to seek out a savior in Georgia.

But crosslessness begets delusion.

If however, we let the Lord put a cross to these most precious values in our heart; if our leaders adamantly maintained that our “baby Christian” former President apply the cross to his heart, we may find the Lord’s way of crucified, prayer-filled, Spirit-empowered righteousness in our nation. But it would take a ruthlessly thorough, repentant reflection of ourselves in the Lord’s pure mirror of holiness.

This is the death-inducing work of the cross. The cross pierces the delusion of self.

JSB • September, 2021


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