The Importance of Race in the Father’s House

The degree to which the issue of racial injustice/sin animates our family is Holy Spirit (Psalm 27:4) fascinating… There is no other topic that seems to generate more strong objections, tears or deep, silent hope…This truth should tell us how important the matter of racial relationships is to the Lord, the One Father of us all. As long as we regard iniquity in our hearts He will not let us be at peace communicating with His Father’s heart. (Psalm 66:18)

Beloved. There is SUCH A GREAT REWARD in store for us in responding to Jesus’ judgment/analysis of our heart re: this issue and entering into the Father’s heart for bonafide, humble, compassionate unity through the reign of Christ! I’ve seen it here and there over 40 years when races engage in repentance, humility and celebration with each other. For years I’ve suspected that racial reconciliation is one of the Father’s BIG KEYS in unlocking revival in a region. The enemy fears this mercy-filled unity like nobody’s business!!!

I learned this years ago in several multi-racial incidents.

One of the most profound was in 1990 when I was serving as a teaching assistant with C.Peter Wagner at Fuller in Pasadena. He had gathered a hundred pastors from various countries into a class on evangelism and discipleship.

Throughout the two-week intensive course some of the Korean pastors were being offended by some of the statements being made by several of the Japanese pastors. After one particularly contentious afternoon session Peter wisely called for a break.

During the break the South Korean pastors gathered in the corner of the room and wept openly – and loudly. The rest of the class could hear them echoing through the garden that surrounded the classroom.

At some point two of the Japanese pastors re-entered the room (before the next session) and approached the Korean pastors. The two of them knelt down before their brothers and asked them to forgive them and their fathers and their father’s fathers for the long, racial hatred, murder and subjugation the Japanese people had inflicted upon the Korean people. When the rest of the class returned, we found the group of Japanese pastors huddled together with the group of Korean pastors all weeping together. (One of the most powerful spiritual encounters I’ve ever witnessed.)

How do you start a new session like that???

Peter again wisely asked if anyone could lead a time of worship. A beautiful pastor’s wife from Cameroon stood up WITH A GUITAR she had just purchased down the street at a nearby music shop and led the 100+ gathering into a ocean of praise.

After 15 minutes of streaming tears, the glory of the Lord filled the room, women and men were on their faces in the floor… overhead three of the large lights/chandeliers exploded nearly all at the same time raining glass and florescent powder down on the group…

Peter observed, “The enemy obviously doesn’t like what’s going on here…” And then he said with a wry smile: “Let’s keep exalting Jesus.

“Truth-be-told, the world has yet to face the greatest of all racial conflicts – and it will take the stage – front and center – at the end of the age the whole world will be confronted with the reality that the Savior of all 195 nations on the face of the earth is a resurrected Jewish God/Man. We haven’t yet seen the depth of offense that this racial reality will ignite both in the people of God and in the rest of the world.It behooves us today to enter into the chambers of the Father’s heart and discover the magnificently glorious vision He has for the diversity of “ta ethnos”. But buckle-up. It’s sure to be a rocky endeavor.

JSB • October, 2021


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