JON’S RAW UPDATE: The Lord “IS” Giving Us Strength that is Greater than the Threat All Around

In December of 2020 our little House of Prayer finished a year of “Seeking the Lord’s Face” – more than 3500 hours of corporate prayer. At the same time, for the first time in my life, I contracted pneumonia. As the cough persisted I went to see our family doctor. She was not certain, but from the MRI and X-rays she recommended I see a pulmonologist. In January (2021) the pulmonologist diagnosed me with lung cancer. We lived with that pronouncement 2 months. A second pulmonologist, a specialist in infectious diseases saw my report in March and re-diagnosed me. I didn’t have cancer. I had a rare respiratory disease that presents itself like cancer but is peculiar to the Phoenix area (Arizona accounts for 85% of all cases in the U.S.). I was put on a regimen of an anti-fungal medication and was pronounced cured in August. Bizarre.

This past summer (2021) we released the book about our 2020 prayer-journey with the Lord entitled “Seek My Face”. Our House of Prayer also began a 3-month campaign of praying through the book of Jeremiah.

In October I began to feel a pain in my lower abdomen. (In 1991 I was delivered from a demonic curse that had gained access to my person as I did research on evangelizing people from a unique form of the occult. After two years of buffeting, the result was a deliverance session with C. Peter Wagner’s wife, Doris Wagner, and then an emergency appendectomy and the removal of 8 inches of my small intestine 7 days later.) Until this past fall, I had not felt pain in that region of my body for 30 years.

On November 1 (my birthday) my doctor informed me that my PSA was extremely high. (It had almost doubled in 12 months.) I went to the urologist for a biopsy. On December 8 (my father’s birthday) Kathy and I learned that cancer had infected 15% of my prostate. Our urologist recommended that my prostate be removed. (I didn’t know that was even possible…) The prognosis (long life) for success with this type of procedure is very good – 95%. We were able to schedule the surgery for January 5.

During these two months the Lord graciously gave us a word about what He was promising through this season. You can find that word here: “Fear On Every Side“. Through long nights and tedious days, we clung to these words like “life-breath”.

We also enlisted a number of close, believing friends who lovingly prayed and walked with us through the the difficult days of questions, fears, tension, promises and physical weakness. These faithful intercessors helped us tremendously, and helped us identify patterns of attack, fear and lies.

In December our oldest son underwent a very complicated foot reconstruction surgery. And our daughter in Washington D.C. began to have a series of mysterious respiratory and heart episodes that landed her in the emergency room on three occasions. Four of our children and grandchildren contracted COVID.

Furthermore, between November and January our House of Prayer was hit with three more assaults. A local leader illegally attempted to wrest us from our mortgage financing; a third-party non-profit group sought to deceive us re: a contractual insurance agreement; and a hand-full of friends deceitfully engaged in a campaign to condemn our involvement with the House of Prayer in Kansas City – just days before my surgery!

Add to this string of events: Guests in our housing complex being assaulted with nightmares and panic attacks. My experiencing severe complications from the January 5 surgery, twice being rushed to the Emergency room; once air-evacuated to a hospital in Phoenix. Our surgeon (who was excellent) twice failing to show up to give us the pathology report. And my own terror: my wife Kathy had already watched her previous husband die while she was present. And my two daughters had already lost one parent – their mother – fifteen years ago. How could I not feel the angst of Kathy, Caris and Christi having to endure more deep pain? The trepidation in me too often felt like a blanket of terror.

By mid-January the evidence was clear: our household was under intense assault from the enemy. Through a process of daily praying, observing, commanding and declaring scripture we deduced that we were being cursed by both occult and demonic entities. Today, when friends ask me about this last season I bluntly tell them: “The Lord has delivered us from a spirit of cancer and and spirit of affliction.” I now know too much – and the evidence has only grown stronger the more we intentionally respond to the Lord and engage in spiritual warfare through these prayers, commands and scriptures.

Note: A significant part of the learning curve has been my own discovery of how I (Jon) left myself, my family and our household open to the power of the curse – especially as I have not dealt with my personal enmity with others – particularly in the body of Christ. Confessing my sin and reaching out with forgiveness and repentance has been key to being released from the bonds of the curse. Bless and do not curse… (Romans 12:14) Letting the Holy Spirit examine my heart for “any wicked way in me” (Psalm 139:24) so that I can both receive and give forgiveness is now an integral part of my daily prayer at All Nations.

During the month of January, on 12 distinct occasions the Lord also graciously saturated me with His brilliant healing light. It was warm, bright and palpable. I’ve tried. I cannot make it come upon me by my own will. Although I thank Him for it daily, it is His to sovereignly release over me. This sovereignty has actually become a wonderful kiss of His close, healing Presence.

Other forms of great consolation during this season included several prophetic words that praying friends shared with us. I can’t describe how much these words, in conjunction with the Words of the Lord Himself, are yet sustaining Kathy and I. Here are three examples:

Jon & Kathy, I was praying for you two, your house of prayer, and the churches in your surrounding area, last week. This is what I heard the Lord say “Don’t be dismayed, I’m sending warm rays, They’ll come in like waves. The door I am opening is the light of my countenance. No one can stop Me.  It’s already in motion… Praying you would all be strengthened in the Lord with much patience and faith.  Much love, JM

God doesn’t want to make life easier, but to make us more.  This is good news.  We don’t need life to be less challenging if God is our strength more and more. This is the defeat He desires for His enemy: to hear our praise, confident of the victory, before anything has changed.  To see our uncertainty washed away in the certainty of His word, His character, and His power. Over and over I am hearing “now is the time” or “the time has come” or “the time is now.” I believe the season is shifting and this news is right on time.  Watching for a season of advance and rest… Overflow in to the purpose of God.  Hebrews 4.  I believe we will see more accomplished in the rest of God than in all our seasons of striving combined. Praying for a great overflow of His grace to carry you guys through this the end of this battle and into what is next. TS

Grace, grace, grace to every mountain of opposition and obliteration to every lie of the enemy.  You are already victors as you cling to Jesus and surrender in trust to the the Trustworthy One! We bless what the Lord is teaching you through this season. We look forward to it! We continue to pray, stand and bless you Jon and Kathy. We are one with you and are honored to labor and love with you. With love and prayers!  D and MB

On January 20 Kathy heard the word Forward from the Holy Spirit as she was praying through Hosea 6. The Lord was encouraging her that the most difficult portion of this season lay behind us and it was time for us to press forward in warfare and the increase of our assignment in the House of Prayer.
Come, let’s return to the Lord. For He has , but He will heal us; He has wounded us, but He will bandage us. He will revive us after two days; He will raise us up on the third day, that we may live before Him. So let’s learn, let’s press on to know the Lord. His appearance is as sure as the dawn; and He will come to us like the rain, as the spring rain waters the earth. (Hosea 6:1-3)

As the Lord trained us in this spiritual combat we also experienced great victories: I, personally have recently felt a sudden lifting (like overnight) of inexplicable nerve pain that was so persistent I loathed having to go to sleep at night. Nearly all stomach and groin pain associated with the surgery has evaporated. The abdomen pain that I felt from the 1991 affliction has completely disappeared. In addition to this, All Nations has experienced a significant increase in financial giving over the past 3 months (including several Cyrus supporters); new relationships of trust and partnership among local church leaders have developed; Kathy and I feel all the more deeply honored, clear and zealous about the unique assignment the Lord has entrusted to us for this hour.

Jesus is faithfully teaching us how to close doors, fight for our lives, our family, our household and our assignment. What are the lessons the Lord is strengthening us with during this season? I’m sure these will evolve in the weeks ahead but right now, here are five:

  1. As we give ourselves to the Lord’s purposes in this hour expect that the enemy will mount a counter-assault against you, your family and your assignment. Take this seriously. Also take seriously the fact that the Lord Himself intends to train you and strengthen you through these assaults. “The devil is always the Lord’s devil.” (Martin Luther)
  2. Learn the power of declaring scripture. Fill your mind and heart with the certain Word of God and declare it over yourself, your family and your work of ministry.
  3. Live in love and peace with one another. As much as we are able, it is critically and integrally vital that we pay attention to the ways that we allow the power of the curse to reside within us – either through our critical, accusatory words aimed at others, or allowing unforgiveness toward others to take shelter in our hearts. Unresolved animosity is the breath of hell.
  4. Aim at the Lord’s glory. Focus on the increase of the Lord’s manifest Presence in your life, family and assignment. This requires great faith to press through all the anxiety and fear that weighs so heavily upon us in our affliction. The truth is, when the Mighty One of Jacob is Present so is the “ark of His strength” AND all the solutions to our woes.
  5. Let the Holy Spirit make you a fully-empowered disciple of Jesus Christ, filled with all the commission and authority that the New Testament indicates we should prioritize and walk in: Heal the sick. Convict sinners with His Words of life. Cast out demons. Prophesy. Pray for His tangible Presence. Be His friend in this world.

On Monday, February 14, fifteen years to the day that we learned that my late wife had inoperable stomach cancer, I was praying in the Prayer Room and I heard the Lord telling me, “I’m about to rewrite your family story. I’m about to disconnect you and your family from the curse that’s afflicting you, and establish the blessing of My promise within you and your children.” His Words felt like the bright healing light that He had been showering over me. This time His Words were washing me of fear and infusing me with faith. The next day we finally received the pathology report from our local urologist: “no cancer was detected outside of the prostate”. Halleluia for the faithful compassion of the Father.

(I) drew near to the gates of death. Then (I) cried out to the Lord in (my) trouble, and He saved (me) out of (my) distresses. He sent His Word and He healed (me), and delivered (me) from (my) destructions. Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men! (Psalm 107:18-21)

This is the final prayer that we now pray daily over our lives and our work at All Nations:
Father, thank You that You are leading me, my family and this house forward with the increased manifestation of Your glorious Presence (Exodus 40:34-38). I also thank You for Your healing light that is perpetually healing us of all disease and unrighteousness. Thank You Father that You’ve made all this available at the expense of Your own Son. My house and I say “yes” to Your assignment for us to live as a “House of Prayer”, a “house of healing hope and deliverance” and a “house of Your Presence” in this hour, unto the preparation of the Bride and the increase of Your glory! We love You, Father! 

The Father’s gathering glory to each of you friends. Though it brings with it strong resistance from the enemy, the strength that our Lord wants to exhibit toward us is vastly greater still.

Jon and Kathy Boegl • February 2022

2 thoughts on “JON’S RAW UPDATE: The Lord “IS” Giving Us Strength that is Greater than the Threat All Around

  1. Beautiful testimony, Brother Jonathan.

    “Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him out of them all”.
    (Psalm 34:9)

  2. There are no words sweet or strong enough to convey my love for you and your family. Through God’s amazing grace, as you have travailed, so shall you triumph. Strong, long and loving hugs to you all.


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