Bringing Down the Flag of Self-Rule

A. This flag flies as an alarming icon of the carnal spirit of defiance that has astoundingly grown in popularity among praying communities and evangelical churches over the last decade.

B. This spirit has prospered nearly unchecked within the household of God; promoting unaccountable pride, self-determination, and crosslessness within millions in the body of Christ.

C. The flag itself was designed by William Gadsden (a general in the Continental army from South Carolina) and pictures a timber-rattlesnake with 13 rattles; representing the 13 colonies who refused to have their manifest destiny fettered by another.

D. Benjamin Franklin notably advocated the snake as the symbol of the American colonies saying, “the rattlesnake never backed down when provoked” which captured “the temper and conduct of America.”

E. The flag also captured the spirit of why so many 18c Christ-followers (many who emerged from the first great awakening) opposed armed revolution against the King of England…

F. Of all people, people of the Book ought to understand why it’s probably never a great idea to go to war under the banner of snake…

G. In every way imaginable waving this flag enthrones a “spirit of rebellion” – all of which any follower of the One Who crushes the head of the evil one (Romans 16:20) should see with abundant clarity.

H. In 1981 British Evangelical leader, Derek Prince observed: “At the very foundation of America is a spirit of rebellion which is the spirit of witchcraft. Unless this reality is dealt with, 20 years from now, you won’t believe how acceptable witchcraft will be in your nation.”

I. The greatest impediment to revival in our land is not a humanist President, the curse of LGBTQ, or a congress that votes to murder children in the womb all the way to term. The greatest impediment to revival in our land right now is a spirit of open, nationalist rebellion and insurrection that shakes its fist at the judgments of the Lord and dominates the hearts and minds of gospel leaders, ministries and churches in prayer rallies, sermons, books and conferences.

J. This spirit is prospering in the way we’ve challenged COVID, an election, the racial pain of blacks and native Americans, and real and perceived restrictions imposed upon the Church.

K. Not only is this spirit defrauding the people of God and America from the revival that the Lord urgently wants to bring to us, it is also tragically paving the way for millions to hail of a man of ultimate rebellion and lawlessness.

L. Until we recognize, repent of, rebuke this poisonous spirit and replace it with the pure standard of the cross of Christ, we (the Church in America) will experience no sweeping Presence of the Lord in our nation.

M. The two ways are mutually exclusive. We can either continue to wave the banner of “self-rule” or we can submit ourselves to the rule of the One Who is leveling every mountain and making every crooked way straight.

JSB • March, 2022


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