The Logical Self-Destruction of Crosslessness

In 2015 Eva Brunne, a lesbian bishop in the Church of Sweden, encouraged churches to take away the cross in order to be more welcoming to people from other belief systems. This has been the strategy of the LGBTQ-affirming churches for more than a generation.

Welcome to the 21st century and Revelation 17.

We’ve actually been here for some time now. This 2015 article reports that a lesbian bishop in the Church of Sweden (there are now several lesbian bishops in numerous denominations world-wide) advocated that Christian churches remove the crosses from their buildings in order to create friendly space where Muslims (and people of other religious faiths) may feel more comfortable to pray.

The article is apparently accurate – but perhaps not as surprising as we might believe. Beloved, where did we think that a generation of neglecting the cross would go?

The fact of the matter is one of the denominations (a denomination that I was a part of for most of my childhood) now openly ordains gay pastors and bishops after telling us for 20 years that they never would. When I was in college and raised the issue to several of the theology profs, I was told that my concerns were “alarmist” and “divisive”. Now these same ones not only bless SSM, they ordain women and men in SSM who don’t believe in the devil; don’t believe Jesus is the only way to salvation, don’t believe in the infallibility of scripture; don’t believe in most of the tenets of the apostle’s creed…

And yet, it really shouldn’t be surprising. In their pursuit of self-affirmation, the liberal LGBTQ-affirming denominations have spent more than 40 years absolutely neglecting Jesus’ call to deny self and take up the cross. You can’t find the message of (Luke 9:23-24) anywhere in the books, seminars or congregational sermons of these denominations. It’s a complete void.

Without a cross, the human soul will embrace the self to our own destruction.

Here’s the salient part…

This is not only where our liberal denominations are. It’s where most of western evangelicalism is heading – apart from taking Jesus words in Matthew 10 seriously: “Unless you take up your cross and follow Me, you are not worthy of Me.” (Matthew 10:38)

This isn’t alarmist, beloved. This is doing the spiritual math.

Evangelicalism might continue to theologically object to LGBTQ, but in our crosslessness, the devil is only too happy to give us something else to embrace that is as equally contra-Christ, and equally destructive.

JSB • April 25, 2022

Note: I’d like to invite you to join us at Xrucianis (the latin word for “cross-bearer”). This FBgroup is dedicated to encouraging each other in following Jesus through the crucified life. You can find it here…

Additional note: The Church’s response to the proliferation of the self-determination of lesbianism, same-sex-marriage, bisexuality, transgenderism, queerness and all other forms of sexual deviancy is the Lord’s second judgment toward the Church in America. To read more about the conversation that He is calling us into check out our book “Seek My Face“. Write to us at for your print edition copy.


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