4 Convictions that This Old White Man Brings to All of His Conversations About Abortion

The abortion issue needs a thorough, wholistic response from the people of God. Not merely a “prohibition” like the striking down of Roe vs. Wade. There’s a ton to say about the multi-faceted aspects of this issue, but here are some of the foundational convictions that this “old white man” brings to each of his conversations about abortion:

1. Abortion isn’t a mechanical issue of convenience or inconvenience. It’s ultimately a response made (by both mother AND father) to the God Who alone has the capacity to create life. To choose abortion when there is every indication that the child will be born is to play the card of “self-determination” – not against pro-lifers – but against God Himself. This will, and always be, at the core of the abortion issue. Humanity saying, “We have the right to choose to determine life and death; good and evil.” This is the original lie of satan in Genesis 3.

2. A society that argues for the right to terminate a child all the way up to delivery is essentially saying: “At no time are we responsible to God and His declaration of life. We have ultimate say in what will live and what will die in me – and/or in my wife, girlfriend, one-night-stand etc.” This is the raging order of hell. One aspect of a society that’s attempting to function in love is to curb our individual “rights” for the sake of the well-being of the many. A law may be thin, but it helps to determine ethics and societal boundaries of responsibility. I’m 100% for Roe vs Wade being overturned and every one of the 50 states outlawing the practice.

3. My own journey will always make this a deeply personal issue. Both of my amazing daughters were born at 26 weeks. For 3 months my late wife and I nursed, prayed, wept and agonized for their little lives; God-glorifying lives that in the majority of our nation could have been swept away through a simple visit to a clinic.

4. Don’t you tell me that I, as a man who is filled with the Spirit of Christ, have no right to speak into the life or death of a child – ever. The only way this makes even half-sense is to then consistently argue that we men should not be held accountable for recreational pregnancies, fatherlessness, abandonment, and or the creation of a pornified culture that pressures women into childbirth. I was, and now am, no less responsible and authorized to speak into the well-being of my biological daughters as my heroic wife was. This is God’s-ordained order. My input re: abortion is me taking part of the man’s responsibility seriously, by direct-order from God Himself.

JSB • May 21, 2022

2 thoughts on “4 Convictions that This Old White Man Brings to All of His Conversations About Abortion

  1. But that’s just it…someone like YOU may take responsibility of creating a baby seriously, but fact is, many men do not! As soon as they find out a woman is pregnant, they run for the hills. In addition, many times a sexual relationship is NOT consensual! So should a woman alone bear all this responsibility? Why should women suffer the consequences of a man’s sin? Lastly, yes, many babies can/do survive when born at 26 weeks, most will not w/o help of extreme intervention which most people cannot afford. If devout Christians/religious people want to choose that under no circumstances will they have an abortion, that’s great, their choice. But you cannot, do not, have authority to speak fo all women and tell all women what their personal health choice should be. Christians need to get over themselves and stop acting like they have been ordained by God to rule the world. They are doing more harm than good to Christianity due to this kind of arrogant thinking. God loves everyone equally, all the same, period. Stop indoctrinating children in this country with racism, bigotry, and unjust conditional love. That is not Godly. When you can get other Christians to stop their hatred of others due to differences in skin color, personal religious choices, personal life choices, then and only then, can you speak for God! Sad to read your post today, first time I’ve felt like you have missed the mark.

    • You’ll have to explain to me how I’m “indoctrinating children in this country with racism, bigotry, and unjust conditional love”. JSB


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