The Great Danger in Being ANTI…

If the devil can get us to fill our hearts with malice, accusation and hatred by aiming it at some unspecified, nefarious globalist “other”, he wins – twice. Not only are we not to curse the “enemy other”, the “other” may not even exist!

If my heart is filled with bitterness, anger and denigration aimed at my conspiracy theorist sister or brother, the devil gets two points again. Not only is my heart out of sync with the heart of Jesus, it’s also disconnected from my sister and brother.

The Lord is calling His people to “Come up here, through the open door” (Revelation 4:1); to “keep seeking the things that are above” (Colossians 3:1). This is THE essential way in this hour, beloved. Through the open door is where we’ll find (Matthew 25) “OIL”. Through the open door is where our (Revelation 3) “GOLD is REFINED IN THE FIRE”.

Without cultivating a spirit that primarily looks up to Him; to His beauty; to His sufficiency; to His love; we will find a million reasons (the enemy of our soul will actually GIVE us 8-billion reasons) why we should hate, denigrate, accuse and even murder our neighbors, sisters and brothers; those we see on earth during the hour of tribulation. Guarantee it.

My friends Tom and Samantha Stolz write:

“Taking a stand against an antichrist spirit doesn’t automatically mean you are standing with Christ…”

“Fighting Putin, fighting inflation, fighting your political (and politicized church) opponent, fighting murder, fighting sexual sin… Will eventually turn into fighting Jesus. Fighting people… any people… Will turn into fighting Jesus. Satan hates people and Jesus is their savior. We are supposed to fight the devil and his hold on OUR hearts.”

Samantha also quotes Francis Frangipane: “Time after time, the scriptural command is to pray for, not against; to pray mercifully, not vindictively. God’s call is for prayer moved by compassion, not condemnation. Indeed, at its very essence, the nature of intercession is to appeal to God for forgiveness, and then redemption, to come to sinful people.”

Simply put: If I have more protest in my heart than prayer – I’m sunk. (Jesus CAN salvage “sunk”, but it still takes a lot of work.)

I SO need to bring my upside-down heart up into His throne room, where I can see Him clearly, have His light examine my dark and deluded ways; where I can be coaxed into letting go of my incessant need to accuse and self-defend – all so He can fill me with His divine love… fresh. supernatural. love.

Humility • Contrition • Repentance • Fear of the Lord – unto love.

JSB • November 25, 2022

POST-SCRIPT: Yesterday, I learned that a pastor/friend has turned from his rigid nationalist ways to embracing a spirit of repentance and the presence of the Lord. My honest-to-God first raw response was, bitterness, self-promotion and more criticism… Hey. I’m just being honest. It was such a naked exposure of my ugly heart.

It occurred to me, if we’re praying in a prophetic spirit of Jesus the Redeemer, we’re ALL going to confront the Jonah in ourselves – otherwise, what’s the point? We’re praying into futility?? Daily, I have to confront the reality that there is SO MUCH critic in me who is more invested in BEING SEEN AS “right”, than a friend of the Bridegroom who rejoices when the Lord redeems the ones He loves. The truth of the matter is (just like Jonah – no less than Ninevah) MY HEART needs to be redeemed from the sin-bondage of criticism, condemnation and alienation…

This morning He’s bringing my heart into His throne room for a one on One.


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