Putting Away the Fig Leaves in the Hour of God’s Judgement

“The misdeeds of Ravi Zacharias, Todd Bentley, Bill Hybels, and more can’t determine who we are as a body.” Joseph Mattera

Fig-leaf apologetics, like the kind that’s employed in the article written by Joseph Mattera (attached below), only underscores the fact that the deep poison corrupting the Church in America is OUR poison. Rather than weep and cry out to God, we parse and dismember to save self. “The woman You gave me…” “The serpent, he…”

In the face of charges of social insensitivity, racism, idolatry, political partisanship, compromise, sexual immorality and false prophecy, our evangelical family is launching boat-loads of these arguments. It’s vital that they be seen for what they are – self-justifying defense-mechanisms of the shamed and the desperate that have no power to shield us from the depth of true holiness that the Lord is intent on forging in His Bride.

The judgement of the Lord is in our camp. Like Moses (in Exodus 32:26, He is separating those who will surrender to His leadership, from those who will only offer more excuses for why the judgement of the Lord shouldn’t apply to the way they’re living their lives.

Beloved, there is no need to fear His judgments if we are making Him our shelter. His grace is sufficient for ALL of even our worst sin. But you can’t keep one foot in the camp of self-saving idolatry when the Lord is separating His people to Himself.

For all who are separated to Himself, He offers us the “dead-end” way of the cross. (FYI – It’s SUPPOSED to look like a dead-end.) That’s what things look like before “resurrection”.

“Why We Must Cling to Spiritual Formation in the Midst of Evangelical Scandal” by Joseph Mattera
Article: https://www.charismanews.com/opinion/the-pulse/84722-why-we-must-cling-to-spiritual-formation-in-the-midst-of-evangelical-scandals?fbclid=IwAR2shUuiaxdS7fgJz1BEEDmk8DVeHQsOSZUborbqYKhGYfmXGH0zY2WpO10

JSB • March 2021


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