Revelation 17 Religion and the Great Rebellion

Kamala Harris Set to Bring Baptist Faith, Hindu Roots to Historic Role, (Sojourners, November , 2020)

Sadly, in celebrating our Vice-President’s unholy blend of humanist Christianity and Hinduism, Sojourners is “true-to-form” giving us a pretty vivid picture of what the Revelation 17 religion looks like in 21c America…

The rise of the false church over the span of my lifetime is extraordinary. It’s one of the major signs of the imminent arrival of our King.

The truth is, when Jesus comes, He is bringing with Him a government that will be more contrary and disconcerting than any regime change in history. The power structures of this world, along with the dearly held values of billions of common people will resist Him immensely;
hating what it is that He stands for;
despising His exclusivity,
offended by His love for Israel,
enraged at His opposition to our self-made definitions of gender and marriage;
confounded as He confronts our idolatry;
and indignant as He exposes our “self-exalting” and “self-justifying” ways.

Billions will stare the God of the Bible in the face, shake their fist at Him and consciously and fervently reject both His “justice-system” and His selection of Jesus of Nazareth as the sole Arbiter of that justice. It will be a totally futile, but thoroughly fierce and adamant temper-tantrum where many people that we know will literally choose a vapid eternity apart from God rather than have His way of doing things rule over them.

Ultimately, any thought of a transcendent religious body will be swallowed up by a government that is entirely hostile to the order of the Perfect and Rightful King of the Earth, Jesus. And both religion and government will come to an agreement that will unite the world in a very “Babel-onian” (See Genesis 11) rebellion against the God of the Bible and His Son. (Incidentally, it’s the same spirit that we see in Isaiah’s [Ch.14] pre-creation depiction of the rebellion of satan in heaven.)

Of this hour Jesus says, “Many (or most) hearts will grow cold.” (Matthew 24:12) – both in love for God, and for others…

Do you know what Jesus’ remedy for this soul-condition is?
Do you know that in many chapters in both the Old Testament and the New the Lord repeatedly gives us clear, single-pointed instruction on how to avoid being swept up in this “great delusion”?
If you had to explain it to a loved one who is seeking refuge from the mounting spirit of the age, what would you tell them to do?

JSB • March, 2021


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