“I Have No Need of You.”

“But the whole community threatened to stone Joshua and Caleb.” (Number 14:10)

In the nearly 3 years that All Nations has been in existence, the Lord has given us 3 prophetic words to pray through:

1. The wind of the Lord is coming (March, 2019)

2. The time of trouble is coming. Seek My Face. (October, 2019)

3. Decapitation (April, 2020)

Each of these words have been dramatically underscored by incredible, supernatural events that have been tangibly manifest within the Church, and our world. The closeness of the Father’s voice has been extraordinary.

Our little house of prayer sought none of these 3 words from the Lord. They just came. He has, however, called us to be faithful to thoroughly pray through them. (This is what you do with words from the Lord, so that you have the Holy Spirit strength and insight to obey them.) Other than to provide a House of Prayer for our region, we’ve received no other words of the Lord.

The “Decapitation” word we received last April is still being played out across our American Church culture – like terrible echoes of long, rolling thunder. We, the body of Christ, are savaging each other. Like the Jacobians of the French Revolution, there seems to be no end to the number of heads we want to “decapitate” outside our family, and within. Our generation is “devouring” (Galatians 5:15) each other through the spirit from (1 Corinthians 12:21) “I have no need of you”.

One half of “The Wind of the Lord” word has not yet come about – the wind of the Lord’s presence to bring the Church increased signs and wonders, conviction of sins and revival. Again. I pray for this daily.

I do not believe we will see the fulfillment of this second portion of the “wind of the Lord” prophecy unless we respond to the tenderizing work of the Spirit of the Lord, and repent of our “decapitating” each other. The Lord has a revival He wants to bring to our land. He longs to bring millions into our family, but like the older generation of Israelites in the wilderness, we may die outside of the promise by virtue of our hostile unbelief to the ways of the Lord.

I believe one of the chief, distinguishing questions the Lord is pointedly asking of His household in this hour is: “Do you want revolution, or do you want revival? If you want revolution, the blood of many will be spilled in your land… And you will also die by the sword. (Matthew 26:52) If you want revival, you all need to die… but My blood shed for you will give you resurrection life.”

JSB • March, 2021


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