“Are You For Us, or…?”

This evening I listened to a disturbing message from a month ago preached to a conference of 600 pastors. In the message an evangelical scholar gave several compelling historical and sociological data points that more than suggest that we evangelical conservatives (that’s me) have already lost the “culture war” in our nation.

I agree – but for different reasons than what I hear him saying. If (as I maintain) we Christians have spent a generation fighting a culture war without bearing a cross, for whatever other little or big gains we may assume “our side” has been making, I think we need to now come to the real conclusion that we have left “the Lord’s side” – and thus have lost whatever struggle we thought we were engaged in. In short, we need to come to grips with the fact that we have been engaging our world in manner that has disconnected us from the heart of our Lord.

I believe this is where we are in America in 2022. I believe over the last two years we’ve brought ourselves to a point of no return. I believe many (both believers and unbelievers) “feel” the atmosphere of this critical impasse – even if we don’t quite know what we’re feeling.

After listening to the message I fell asleep and woke up this morning hearing the Lord querying: “What shall I do with a people whose zeal to save America has become a hinderance to My zeal to save Americans? And how shall I deal with sons and daughters whose love for their nation has become a dissuasion to their love for the Desire of the Nations?”

JSB • April, 2022

NOTE: If you don’t already have a copy of our book “Seek My Face“, I want you to have it. It was written out of 1700 hours of focused corporate prayer during the first 180 days of the COVID plague. Email me your email at xaris4u@yahoo.com and I’ll send you a PDF version today. Send me your mailing address, or the mailing address of your church, your pastor, your small group, or prayer group and I’ll ship you the print edition. Or download it from Amazon (It’ll cost 4.99 there). The hour for this message is now. This is a “word” that needs to go with us in between the porch and the altar. It’s that vital.


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