The House of Prayer

The prayer room isn’t about us getting what we want. It’s about God getting all of us.

I guarantee you when the Lord confronted Moses, Joshua, Isaiah, Ezekiel, John the Baptist, Peter, James and John, He had their full attention. They were all present to Him – even as I Am was all present to them. This was “face-to-Face consecrating space”. Here they could fully focus on the Lord and His personal Word to them. And in this “holy air” they could deeply give all of themselves in response to the Lord, via kneeling, song, tears, joy, repenting, journaling, travail, dancing, interceding, adoration, beholding and silence.

Right now God is confronting planet earth and urgently bidding 7.4 billion of us to engage Him in life-saving conversation.

We won’t respond to the judgments of the Lord “on the run”. We cannot “multi-task” sanctification. Neither will we grow into first-commandment love through “second-hand” information.

The nations are being shaken. Heaven is opening before us. Hell is swallowing cultures whole. We “need” the atmosphere of God. Period. End of discussion.

All Nations House of Prayer Southwest doesn’t have a Bible study, an evangelistic message, a prophetic word, or a book that isn’t connected to a prayer room. Not one. Not in this hour. No apology.

In light of the reality that over the last 20 years the Lord has caused houses of prayer to grow up like grass throughout the nations the only germane question for the Christian in this hour is not,
“What is your argument against corporate prayer?”
“Why are you fond of houses of prayer?”
or “How generously are you supporting houses of prayer?”

In light of history, in light of the Lord’s promises, and in light of what’s on the earth, the vital, pressing question is this: What’s keeping us from rooting ourselves and our families to the house of prayer?

JSB • April, 2022


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